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With almost NOW OVER 20 years of experience with the web, we know what it takes to make a BIG impression on your site visitors!

What We've Done

Let's get straight to what you're probably here for.  What we've done.  Web sites are only part of our gamet.  We also do lots of photography, video and graphics work.  We'll get to that stuff later.  For now, take a look at some of the sites we've put together!

What We Can Do

You need to freshen up your web site.  It's old.  The content needs work.  The images are from years ago.  And you don't have a clue as to how to do this.  This is where Whetstone comes in.  We've been around the block when it comes to situations like this.

Rather than building from the ground up, which obviously costs more, we match existing technologies, customize your imagery and content, and leave you with a site that's dressed to impress!
We're not loyal to one specific host. We match your site's needs with hosting that allows your site to perform at it's best! Like where you're hosting now? That's okay too!
Well I just paid to have my site re-designed. I just need help taking care of it! Well, we charge by the hour at a reasonable price. We know you're a growing business! Spend your budget on something else!

About Whetstone

Welcome.  I’m Todd.  Thanks for stopping by.  

A little bit about the past and present…well, I began my journey with the web world right around 1998.  I was doing okay as a project manager, making a decent living…but I wasn’t challenged.  So I was asked to take care of the company website.  Ding…I was intrigued.  Now these were the days when there was no content management system or design programs like Dreamweaver.  Hell, I’m not sure if Front Page even existed.

Well, for some reason, I was hooked.  I wanted to do more messing around with web sites.  I interviewed with a friend of a friend who had his own design company, and began at the bottom of the ladder, in marketing.  I was running search engine optimization reports for a number of small businesses after they were promised top rankings in Alta Vista, Yahoo!, AOL Search, Open Directory Project, Lycos, InfoSeek, etc…(I know I’m REALLY dating myself here).  Google?  What the heck is THAT!? 😉  

I worked in marketing for years, eventually getting into Pay-Per-Click, helped out with hosting websites, updating servers, database admin, etc.  Then I was asked to be a ‘webmaster-for-hire’, helping small companies maintain their existing websites.  That was fun, because I dealt with all kinds of web sites!  Baltimore Opera, Blind Industries & Services of Maryland, Baltimore Aquarium…it was fun.  I REALLY started enjoying the work.

Well, the passion continued when the Maryland Aviation Administration inquired about an experienced web ‘master’ (hate that title) to take care of a redesign of the Baltimore Washington International Airport website.  Well, to make a long story short, I LOVED working with the MAA, and continue to work with them today.  The BWI site was placed in my care, along with about 4 or 5 other websites that are covered under their umbrella.

So let me help YOU with YOUR website.  Need advice?  No problem.  Need just a few hours of work?  Great.  I know you’re on a budget.  That’s why I’m focused on small to medium-sized businesses.  I can make a small business cast a BIG shadow on the web.  Give a call.  Maybe I can help YOU.


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We're in Northern Baltimore County, up in the Parkton area. But you think that limits us? Absolutely not! This is the internet here. We are available anytime, anywhere.
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